THE FAUXCADEMY OF DECORATIVE FINISHING AWARDS™ is an awards presentation honoring beginning and advanced Faux and Decorative Finishers, Mural and Trompe L'oeil Artists, Stencil Artists, Decorative Plasterers, and Decorative Furniture and Cabinetry Finishers for their achievements.

The Fauxcademy of Decorative Finishing Awards™ concept was designed to allow decorative artists the ability to show off their accomplishments in their marketplace.  Being honored with these awards will make a dramatic statement, and this kind of recognition validates your value to your clientele, and provides you with powerful marketing tools to use in your business while propelling you to the top.  Do not be intimidated, there are many categories for entering the awards.  There are also separate levels, one for beginning finishers and another for advanced finishers.

LEVEL I. Decorative finishers in business for one year or less and competing on a beginning level in the categories of choice.  Level I entries will compete for the top honor "Fauxcademy of Decorative Finishing Awards Platinum Certificate", presented for each category.  Level I also includes a Gold Certificate (2nd Place) and Silver Certificate (3rd Place) award winners in each category.

LEVEL II. Experienced decorative finishers in business for one year or more competing at the top level in the categories of choice.  Level II entries will compete for the top honor "Fauxcademy of Decorative Finishing Awards Trophy", presented for each category.  Level II also includes a Gold Certificate (2nd Place) and Silver Certificate (3rd Place) award winners in each category.


Awards Entry Deadline: Monday, May 31, 2004

Fauxcademy of Decorative Finishing Award entries must meet the criteria listed below for each category.  You may enter up to 3 different projects for each category, and you may enter each project in as many categories as you prefer, provided that projects meet the criteria for each category in which it is entered.  Entries are only judged against entries in the same category.  Any person who enters more than one project in a particular category will only have the chance to receive one Top Honor Fauxcademy Award.  Each entry must be work applied by the individual entering the category or their employees.

Each individual entry must be submitted with a complete Official Fauxcademy of Decorative Finishing Awards Registration Entry Form.  If different projects are entered in a single category or if a single project is entered into different categories, each will be considered a separate entry and require a separate entry form as well as a separate $50.00 entry fee.

Anyone in the field of decorative finishing may compete.  You must attend the event to be eligible to enter the awards.

All projects entered must use Faux Effects® and/or Aqua Finishing Solutions® products as the primary products for the finishes applied on the project.  Miscellaneous non-competing materials may be used, such as colorants for murals or stenciling, and painted marbles or wood graining.  Also unusual materials such gold or metal leaf, solvent based clear coats, or any other materials that are not in direct competition may be used.  Any non Faux Effects® and/or Aqua Finishing Solutions® materials must be stated on the entry form and will be reviewed for entry qualification.

Each entry must supply a minimum of three (3) and maximum of five (5); 8"x10" color photographs per project.  Note: Entries submitted in any other format will not be accepted.  Close-up photos of each entry will help the judges to see the details and recognize the true craftsmanship of the work.

All entry photographs will become the property of The Fauxcademy of Decorative Finishing™ and may be used for promotional and marketing efforts in relation to The Fauxcademy of Decorative Finishing™.  Please do not send irreplaceable materials or photos.  Items will not be returned.

Note: The Most Innovative Faux and Decorative Finish Sample Creation - The Raymond Sandor Fauxcademy Award - will not require photographs because of the type of entry it is.  Please view requirements for this category in the Awards Categories section.

Each entry must provide a written description of the work and project, how long the project took, how the colors were chosen, what products were used, what influenced the type of finish or painting used, any aspects about the project, any special techniques that may have been used.  Note: Entries submitted without written description will be disqualified.

Entries must be submitted as required above for each category and must be in our office at:

The Fauxcademy of Decorative Finishing™
13308 Millard Ave.
Omaha, NE  68137

no later than May 31st, 2004.  Any entries received after May 31st, 2004 will not be accepted.


Special sections will be posted for the Top Honor Fauxcademy of Decorative Finishing Award Winners for both Level I and Level II in each Category.

Note: All winners will be able to use this section of our website for their advertising efforts and allow their prospective customers to view their awards and honors.  There is nothing else of its kind out there for Faux and Decorative Finishers.  We hope our efforts will support professional finishers across the United States to gain credibility in the marketplace and position them above the competition!

Please note that Fauxcademy of Decorative Finishing™ is a trade marked name, any use of the Fauxcademy name in any form and for any reason, must receive prior written consent from the Fauxcademy of Decorative Finishing.


A panel of industry professionals has been assembled to judge and vote on the categories.  The panel will consist of Mural and Trompe L'oeil Artists, Faux and Decorative Finishing Professionals, Furniture Professionals, and other qualified persons.

The judges will maintain the highest integrity when judging all entries.  All entries will be judged anonymously in a professional manner, without bias towards any person or entry.  Entries will be judged on the following criteria: use of color, innovation and creativity, special techniques, degree of difficulty, unique aspects, overall skill and execution, design of the project and finishes used, the simple beauty of the finish project, and any other related criteria deemed appropriate by the panel of judges.

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